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Best of Athleisure Brands

 A blog written by Averi Brayton 

Throughout my many years of working out, I have only gotten interested in what I wear to the gym in the last three years. When I moved to a new city for college I was most nervous to work out in a gym amongst my peers. I found myself comparing myself to everyone in the gym, how confident they were, what exercises they were doing, and especially what they were wearing. 

I tried so many different brands trying to find what fit best and made me feel like I could walk into any gym with ease. I have found that a handful of these brands are very inclusive and comfortable for any exercise or even to wear for everyday use. 


The first athleisure brand that I would recommend to anyone and everyone is Navano Apparel. This is an easy one because not only is the quality amazing with a buttery feel and flattering fit. Navano has a mission to create sophisticated quality athleisure for anyone who wants to feel confident in the clothes that they wear.

Navano has a variety of unique collections for those who want to stand out and a variety of trendy calm color collections for those who want to just feel comfy and confident. Not only are they great quality but they are also affordable. Navano isn't just good quality; it's budget-friendly too!

girlfriend collective

Another brand that I have found to be versatile in style and quality is Girlfriend Collective. It is very neutral and has classic basics that can go with any outfit you are trying to put together. These pieces can be put to use for fashion purposes and gym purposes. It is on the slightly more expensive side compared to navano, however, it is also very good quality.


An affordable athleisure brand I have also ordered from is Fabletics. This brand is a little bit more mainstream and trendy but they always have good deals and a wide variety of colors. They offer a variety of designs of leggings and tops for all different sizes and shapes of bodies. 


Alo Yoga, more on the chic side, is perfect for those who want their yoga wear to make a statement. Designs that transition from the studio to the street, while also bringing a touch of elegance to the athleisure scene. Plus, bonus points for the sustainability commitment.


When I think of setactive, I think bold, vibrant, and making a statement. Setactive is the go-to for adding some fun into your workout wardrobe. The brand is affordable, trendy, and catering to diverse sizes. It's great for those who want to stay on-trend without raiding their piggy bank.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great brands out there, but to discover the ones that suit you best, identify the qualities you look for in an athleisure brand for both wear and style. Choose a brand that mirrors your personal style in a completely unique way.

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