Athleisure love: celebrating love in navano's comfort and style

Athleisure love: celebrating love in navano's comfort and style

Blog by Julieanna Castillo

Love season is here, and at navano, we believe you should celebrate in style. With seamless and breathable designs in an array of fashionable colors, you’ll fall in love with navano’s comfort and style to wear from Galentine’s Day parties, date night, and self-love moments.

Comfortable and Stylish Outfits: A Navano Affair

Embracing Comfort as a Style Statement

At the heart of every style design is comfort at Navano. From cozy hoodies to a line of versatile leggings, shorts, and high performance tops from men to women. Each piece is fashionable and simply you because you deserve comfort in every setting.

Elevating Everyday Looks

Accessories are a great way to elevate your style, to bring gym wear to street wear in your everyday looks. It's as simple as adding earrings to your outfits, or if your hair is up or down. Take it to a clean girl aesthetic to a chic simple look, it’s easy to elevate your everyday style with Navano. With a versatile collection of beautiful apparel, layering is also a great option. 

Date Night with Athleisure Wear: Cozy Romance

Romantic Comfort for Two

Couples who gym together, stay together and here at Navano you can coordinate your outfits in style. From dreamy blues to pastel purple, romantic comfort for two is easy with our curated collection. Whether your Valentine’s plans are a romantic getaway to a rom com movie night, we all know you want to look put together while still wanting to feel cozy. Comfort is just in this Valentine’s Day and Navano just has it.

Styling Tips for Athleisure 

Are you wanting comfort? But are struggling to style, we have some great ideas for you and your athleisure date nights, gym dates, and everyday looks.

Here’s some ideas:

Picture Of Girl Wearing Light Blue Navano Set.

This is Navanos CEO and Founder Anja, who’s absolutely killing it. She layers onto this beautiful set while looking chic and put together.

Navano Clothing Laid Down

Nothing can beat a layering look, play with the contrast and colors. Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses can never hurt.

Model Walking Down In Navano Outfit

A simple puffer jacket and your favorite shoes can make this outfit into street wear. It’s just that easy with navano!

Galentine’s Celebrations: Uniting in Style

Celebrating friendships in navano

This Galentine’s day plans are movie marathons, paint and sip, and even bouquet bars with your best friends. This means you need an inbetween outfit, cute enough to take pictures in but one where you’ll be comfy on the couch. Lucky for you Navano has the option to mix and match your sets. Mix the black acid leggings with navano’s beige oversized sweatshirt. Or try the lavender gray long sleeve crop top with the charcoal joggers. It’s never been so easy to be fashionable and comfy.

4 Girls Posing In Navano Sets

Self-Love And Wellness: A Stylish Affirmation

Treating Yourself with Navano

There is nothing like eating a box of chocolates by yourself with a good movie, there's nothing wrong with it. This season doesn’t always have to be for couples or galentine’s day events. Valentine’s day is also about taking the time out for yourself and appreciating who you are. Self-love is a priority, this Valentine’s season. Throw on a facemask, turn on your favorite movie, and grab your box of chocolates all while wearing navanos comfy unisex collections. 

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