Behind the brand: The importance of a brand's mission, vision, and values

Behind the brand: The importance of a brand's mission, vision, and values

A blog written by Sophia Rozanski

How many brands are you able to recognize just from a slogan or a symbol? The vision behind any brand, big or small, is essential for familiarity and cohesiveness. A vision is also crucial to establishing a brand’s mission, which further explains the purpose behind the brand. A lot can be revealed by a brand’s mission, vision, and values. At navano, we strive to accomplish our mission and vision for the brand while always keeping our core values of innovation, creativity, and customer service in mind.

Our mission at navano is to establish an array of sophisticated clothing collections built on our passion for fashion. Athleisure continues to grow as a fashion trend for its versatility, comfort, and reliability. Whether it’s cozy loungewear, like the hoodies and sweats in our thermal collection or a clean-cut matching workout set (check out our tidal collection for looks like these), products that can be worn inside and outside of the gym continue to grow in popularity. Because navano prides itself on simple, comfortable fashion, our products can be worn with anything, anywhere. 

Navano’s vision is to be a global fashion contender by continuously innovating and embracing change. Our products fit perfectly into the trend of athleisure as it continues to grow in popularity in 2024. We strive to continue upholding the excellent quality of our products, which we judge in respect to both fit and seam quality. The stretchy fabric in all of our leggings, shorts, and tops ensures you feel comfortable and confident whenever you put on a product from navano. Our hope is that as fashion continues to evolve, we are able to continue creating classic staple pieces that will always have a spot in your daily wardrobe.

As navano continues to grow, we continue to be recognized for our unique designs, reliable service, and passion for fashion. Whether you are a first-time or returning customer, we want all of our products to help you feel simply sophisticated, and simply you.

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