Fitness capsule wardrobe: Your style essentials

Fitness capsule wardrobe: Your style essentials

A blog written by Regina Salerno

Are you tired of being stressed out about what to wear for your workout despite having a closet full of activewear? Let me introduce you to the fitness capsule wardrobe - the ultimate solution that simplifies your fitness journey without compromising style.

Start with Staples: First things first, invest in high-quality essentials like classic black leggings, a well-fitted sports bra, and a versatile hoodie. These pieces will be your go-to options for workout outfits. 

Mix and match neutrals: Next, go for neutral shades like black, gray, and tan for your activewear essentials. There's nothing I hate more than buying something colorful and then realizing I don't have anything to wear it with. Neutrals not only blend effortlessly but also offer a timeless and sophisticated look.

Quality over quantity: Instead of hoarding multiple pieces, focus on quality over quantity. When you're shopping for workout clothes, try to find activewear that's made from durable, sweat-wicking fabrics, like our anthracite collection, that not only feel comfortable during your workouts but also last a long time. 

Versatile sports bras/pieces: Invest in sports bras that are supportive during high-intensity workouts and also stylish enough to be worn on their own, like this one from lululemon. Make sure to get some reliable sports bras that keep the girls in check even during the most intense workouts. A versatile sports bra can double as a crop top, making your transition from gym to brunch that much easier.

Layering for all seasons: Include layering pieces suitable for different seasons like this lightweight, breathable jacket from lululemon for chilly mornings, and a moisture-wicking long-sleeve shirt, like our long sleeve crop tops, for colder days.

Make sure to check your fitness wardrobe every once in a while and switch things up based on style changes, trends, etc. Adding or swapping out items keeps things fresh and helps you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Keep your workout wardrobe simple yet stylish. You don't need a closet full of activewear, just the right ones that make you feel confident and ready to crush every workout. So, let's focus on being strong, keeping it simple, and achieving all those fitness goals!

Simply sophisticated. Simply you.

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